Second Copy 9.0

This app creates automatic backups of all your important files and folders
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Second Copy is a simple and practical application that creates automatic backups of all your important files and folders. You are totally free to select the location of your backup folder – the same logical drive, another logical drive, another physical drive, and even a network drive or an FTP server. Besides, the program can archive copies of previous backups.

To start using Second Copy, you will need to create at least one profile, which can be a standard one or an FTP one. To create a standard profile the program offers you a separate window, which behaves like a wizard. Here you can select between express mode – more suitable for novice users – and custom mode, which may be more useful to you if you happen to be an experienced user. You need to define the source and destination folders as well as the backup frequency, which may range from every few minutes to every few days. Besides, you can choose to back up only a subset of the files within the source folder.

As for FTP profiles, you can create them in both directions – from local folder to FTP server and vice versa. In both cases you need to provide the FTP server’s URL or IP address, the username, the password, the saving/reading path, and the port number (21 by default). Finally, if you have created multiple profiles, Second Copy allows you to run two or more of them simultaneously.

In conclusion, Second Copy may be a very good backup option for you, especially if your backup requirements are not too advanced. As for the disadvantages, I will mention two: firstly, the automatic backup mode – which is supposed to work at the Google Drive Client style – does not perform well if the source folder has too many files or if they change very frequently; and secondly, the program does not support bidirectional backups, so that if you make changes in the destination folder, they will not reflect in the source folder.

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  • Designed for both novice and experienced users
  • Allows you to back up your data in network folders
  • Creates backups from and to FTP servers
  • You can configure the backup frequency in all cases
  • Allows you to run multiple backup profiles simultaneously
  • Allows you to back up only a subset of a source folder


  • The automatic backup mode does not perform well with source folders containing many files or files that change very frequently
  • Does not support bidirectional backups

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rating Jennifer B
Second Copy is easy to use. It does perform two-way backup in synchronize mode to keep source and target folders in sync. I have been using it for over ten years. I recommend it to everyone who cares for their data to backed up reliably without any hassle.

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I'm very curious how you found Second copy to
"Second Copy allows you to run two or more of them simultaneously"
I have been using it for years and don't see any such feature.
You can click to run multiple profiles, but it runs them one at a time doing the next one when each one completes. Its simultaneous at all.
I have been searching for something that will run my 5 backup profiles all starting at the same time instead of doing 1, 2, ,3 ... ext and taking forever.

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Backup software with scheduling capabilities.

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